Roofing Company in Omaha

Roofing Company in Omaha
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Your roof can represent 40% or more of your home’s “Curb Appeal.” A new or replacement roof has one of the strongest impacts on your home’s value of any home improvement project. A new roof adds value, protection, and provides a good return on investment.

Home Pride Roofing

Roof Repairs

Living in the Midwest, it’s hard to ever know when you will need to replace your roof. Since the weather here in Nebraska is so unpredictable, it is never a good idea to fully replace your roof during high storm seasons. Perhaps a storm just hit and you are noticing lots of water leaking due to a worn out or damaged roof. If you are in need of a roof repair after a hail storm, Home Pride is your number one choice for Lincoln roofing contractors and Omaha roofing contractors. From hail damaged roofs, broken shingles, and leaks, we can repair it all. Our friendly Omaha and Lincoln roofers will come out and assess the damage and offer you a quote prior to beginning any work so you know what the costs are up-front rather than being blindsided. The roofing repair contractors have been repairing damaged roofs for over 30 years. Our Lincoln roofing contractors and Omaha roofing contractors are all experts in the industry when it comes to helping you decide whether your roof needs to be fully replaced or just have a few roof repairs done. For a Lincoln roof repair or Omaha roof repair, let Home Pride do it.

If you have repaired and repaired your Lincoln or Omaha homes roof multiple times and it still leaks or still has damaged shingles, perhaps it is time for a full roof replacement from Home Pride. Roof replacements are never a fun process as it can be costly and stressful. With Home Pride, we make it affordable and stress free. Our local roofing contractors are trained and experienced when it comes to replacing a damaged roof. For a reliable roof replacement, let Home Pride’s Omaha and Lincoln roofing contractors replace it for you.

Local Contractors

Home Pride is Lincoln and Omaha’s number one choice when it comes to local roofing contractors. When a storm hits your Lincoln home, you need a local roofer that you can trust and you need it quick. Don’t take your chances with a ‘storm chaser’ company. Go with the local guys at Home Pride. Home Pride is the trusted Omaha and Lincoln roofing contractor. Our seasoned roof contractors are ready to help right when a storm hits damaging your properties roof. We help you through the whole roof replacement process. From the design, color, style, material, installation, finishing with the insurance claim process. This is what makes us Lincoln and Omaha’s trusted, reliable roofing contractors.

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We Offer all types of Roofing Systems to meet your requirements:o

If you aren’t sure which roofing option might be right for your Omaha home or business, give us a call at 402-592-5577 or contact Home Pride Contractors We are happy to discuss the characteristics of each type of shingle to make sure that you pick the one that’s right for your home or business.  Being headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, with local representation in most of eastern Nebraska and western Iowa a friendly and knowledgeable Home Pride representative is around the corner.

Condensation, Ventilation and Your Roof

Why is ventilation and insulation an important part of the roof structure? Few things are more misunderstood about the home than attic ventilation. Poor ventilation can lead to moisture build-up in your attic, and that can mean big trouble.