New Vinyl Siding

How long does Vinyl Siding last?

When it comes time to replace your home’s cladding, you’re probably wondering the life expectancy of many popular siding options such as wood and aluminum siding. One of the most popular options is vinyl due to its durability and energy efficiency. The question is, how long does vinyl siding last?

Compared to other siding materials, vinyl siding lasts much longer. There are many reasons why it stands head and shoulders above its competition and why you’ll be loving your new home exterior for many years to come.

How Long Does Vinyl Siding Last?

The question still stands: how long does vinyl siding last? The simple answer is a long time, but the exact time frame is tough to pin-point. With absolutely no effort or cleaning your vinyl siding will still last you about 60 years.

That being said, if you properly clean your vinyl siding and keep it maintained, it’ll last you much longer. How much longer you ask? Upwards of 100 years! You won’t get that with other siding materials which is why vinyl is the perfect option for homeowners.

There are Several Reasons It Lasts So Long

You’re probably wondering how vinyl siding can last so much longer than the other options. There are a few simple reasons why it’s a long-lasting home exterior. We’ll go into great detail below with each reason.

Vinyl Siding is Easy to Maintain

One huge reason why vinyl siding lasts longer is that it’s easy to maintain. It’s less susceptible to problems caused by the weather so homeowners don’t have to worry about much.

Also, since it’s easy to maintain and requires little work, more homeowners are willing to go the vinyl route. A simple washing once or twice per year will keep your vinyl siding looking great for years to come.

Resistant to Moisture: Vinyl Siding Won’t Warp or Rot

Moisture can cause a lot of problems for other siding materials. It warps, expands and rots other materials and that’s terrible for your home’s looks and energy efficiency. Having heavy precipitation and humid summers, moisture is everywhere!

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