Roof Leak

When it Comes to Roofing, Beware DIY Repair

WHEN IT COMES TO ROOFING, BEWARE DIY REPAIR Most homeowners know that regular maintenance is key if they want their house to be comfortable and maintain its resale value. This is especially true for those who live in Omaha, where winters and summers place great strain on single-family homes. Every season brings its own specific tasks,

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Omaha Roofing Company

What to Look for in a Omaha Roofing Company

WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A OMAHA ROOFING COMPANY Founded in 1854, the city of Omaha is Nebraska’s largest city. The city has always been a dynamic, energetic city continually transforming itself. In recent years, the Omaha riverfront and downtown area have experienced tremendous growth with over two billion dollars in new development. A one-of-a-kind

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New Vinyl Siding

How long does Vinyl Siding last?

When it comes time to replace your home’s cladding, you’re probably wondering the life expectancy of many popular siding options such as wood and aluminum siding. One of the most popular options is vinyl due to its durability and energy efficiency. The question is, how long does vinyl siding last? Compared to other siding materials,

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Clean Siding

Vinyl Siding Care & Maintenance Tips

Although vinyl siding doesn’t rot or wear in the same way as wood, it can crack or puncture. You can keep your siding in good shape by trimming shrubbery and trees away from the house so they don’t mar the material. If a section does become badly damaged, you’ll have to get new siding. Heavy

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Siding that's rotting

5 Signs Your House Needs New Siding

It’s a cruel fact: Those factors that make home exterior siding so crucial are the same ones that undermine its performance over the long term. In other words, in defending your home against the hot sun, bitter cold, harsh wind, and precipitation, exterior siding eventually falls victim to the very threats it’s meant to repel. 

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Mold On Siding

5 Signs You Should Replace Your Vinyl Siding

Even the best vinyl siding doesn’t last forever. If your siding is starting to show signs of wear and tear, you can find new vinyl siding options at your local building materials supplier. For example, many of our customers love the natural aesthetic of vinyl shake siding. While no one wants to spend more money

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